Terms and conditions for e-shop Pizzeria Paradiso

1. Order
The order can be done at the phone or via the web at www.pizzeriaparadisodd.sk If the order is not produced, it can be canceled by phone or in person.

Payment can be made:

a / Personally in operation during opening hours of operation (published on www.pizzeriaparadisodd.sk), or upon receipt of the goods upon import, by cash or by gastronomy tickets.

b / CardPay (it is also possible to pay with VISA and EUROCARD / MASTERCARD cards issued by any official banking institution.) directly through the website.

2. Delivery and payment terms
In the case of pizzeria delivery – the import price depends on the delivery address, which can be found on the pizzeria website
When the goods are taken directly into service, the price is determined according to the current ticket menu

Seller commits to:
to deliver the right kind and quantity of goods as stated at the time of the order, based on customer’s order at the agreed price
adequately wrap the goods and deliver an order within the agreed delivery time, or as soon as possible, depending on orders received earlier. In the event that the order can not be met, the customer will be contacted about the order change or cancellation of the order
expose and attach a tax document – a cash box.

Buyer undertakes:
download ordered goods and pay for ordered goods

3. Complaints
Complaints are dealt with
by phone daily from 10:40 to 21:40 at
personally during the opening hours

The guarantee is valid max. 30 min. after delivery of the goods. Goods can be claimed if they do not match the quality and type of ordered goods, 75% of the goods must be retained for the complaint. The subject of a claim when delivering a courier service can not be to keep the dispensing temperature of the menu. Under customer agreement, an axle (replacement, refund, or other compensation) is performed.

Way of returning goods
through the exporter

How to refund money when claiming a claim
in case of cash payment for money order we will refund immediately in cash
in the case of cashless payment for the money order, we will refund the payer’s account within 30 days

4. Protection of personal data
By executing the order on www.pizzeriaparadisodd.sk, the user provides the Operator with personal data for the purpose of providing services at the pizzeriaparadisodd.sk portal, pursuant to the General Data Protection and Personal Data Protection Act. Personal data will be provided for the purpose of placing the order. If the User does not provide personal information, it is not possible to enter into a contractual relationship. Personal Data will be processed and archived by the Operator in accordance with special regulations for 10 years from the date of termination of the contractual relationship. The user confirms that the provided personal data is true and is responsible for the untruth of personal data.
The User’s Operator informs that, pursuant to Section 62 3 of Act no. 351/2011 Z.z. on electronic communications, as subsequently amended (the “Act on Electronic Communications”) it can reach with a call, to receive e-mails and SMS messages to the contact addresses indicated in the registration for direct marketing of its own similar products or services. The call, e-mail or SMS message according to the previous sentence may be informative or promotional and the Operator is the originator. The operator will process personal data for the duration of the contractual relationship. Disagreement with the call, to receive these e-mails or SMS messages, the user can at any time notify the Operator by sending an e-mail to info@pizzeriaparadisodd.sk (or other contacts if so determined by these conditions or special conditions) or simply log out each time delivery of e -mail message by clicking the link at the end of the e-mail message.

5. Terms of use of the pizzeriaparadisodd.sk portal
Terms of use of the pizzeriaparadisodd.sk portal will become effective and effective on the day of their publication. The relationship between the User and the Operator is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and other generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic in matters not governed by these Terms.
The Operator has the right to modify, innovate and otherwise modify the services of the pizzeriaparadisodd.sk portal without the prior notice of the Users as well as without their consent.
The Operator is authorized at any time to limit or completely block User access to the pizzeriaparadisodd.sk portal.
An operator is entitled at any time to change the provisions of these Terms. The change of conditions is valid and effective at the time of publication on the pizzeriaparadisodd.sk portal site. These changes will be incorporated into the text and will be published in full version of the Terms of Use. It is in the interest of the User to continuously monitor the terms of the Terms. The user is required to periodically review the Terms and Conditions. If the User continues to use the Portal Services after these changes have been made by the Operator, it is considered that the changes Terms unconditionally agreed.